Monday, October 19, 2009

Egg --

Egg admired herself in the mirror. Even at this age no lines appeared in her smooth white shell. The light from the lamp cast no shadows over her perfect surface. It wasn’t a question of what to wear to the symphony tonight or what jewels she needed to adorn her. Egg’s absolute beauty would be enough no matter how simply she dressed.
That morning her beautician had suggested liquid foundation, but Egg had resolutely passed on the offer. Her shells’ natural luster would be diminished by the artificial make up. Then the hair dresser had tried to interest Egg in a tint. What had she said? “Just a simple rinse will do wonders, Dearie.” But once you did one rinse, you would be committed for a life of rinses to hide the flaws that would develop.
No, she likes herself too much to destroy the only thing she could count on: her pristine beauty there for all to admire and praise. No adornment, color tint or liquid foundation would cross her fragile surface.
Staring into the mirror at her flawless shell, Egg considered the one thing she feared in life. Just a fine line in her surface would signal the beginning of the end. A flaw no matter how minor would inevitably spread regardless of what emergency services could provide in the way of first aid. Even round-the-clock nursing wouldn’t prevent a fine line from becoming ... dare she even think of it or say it out loud... a crack.
“Crack!” she shouted the word loudly watching her trembling reflection in the mirror. Fear swept over her just from a simple five letter word. How could she face anyone with a mar? Any mar would prove fatal often sooner than later. Egg took a deep breath. “I would rather throw myself from a cliff than wait for fate’s failure of my shell. Yes, that’s right.” With her eyes glued to her flawless reflection, she continued. “I would end my life by my own decision rather than suffer slowly with hangers-on waiting for my fractured end.”
Calming herself, she looked in the mirror one last time as the doorbell rang. Her date for the evening had arrived. With as much spring in her step as she dared, Egg left the mirror and her fears behind. She silently renewed her vow to make every moment count.
Opening the door, she smiled at Bacon, her date for the evening. Tall, lean and handsome, they made a dramatic entrance wherever they went. Voices murmured how well they looked together, a perfect match, and Egg just ate up those indirect compliments.
Bacon offered her his arm as she closed the door behind her. Should she worry about his grease marks, really his only flaw? No, not tonight; tonight she wanted it all. Every moment will count; I’ll live life to the fullest and have no regrets.

EMM 4/18/98

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